The world’s most comprehensive video platform

The world’s most

comprehensive video platform

Fliva’s state-of-the-art video platform is designed for dynamic and data-driven content.
Every product we offer is tailored to amplify engagement and increase traffic.

Personalised Videos

A new era of personalisation

Fliva’s personalised videos tailor content to each customer using data like names and buying history, delivering a unique video experience.

Boost your business with personalised videos

Customised Templates

Relevant data-points are integrated into a video template designed to your specifications, ensuring the video aligns with your brand. Whether it’s a sales touchpoint, churn reduction, the video conveys your desired message.

Target the Individual

Effortlessly create impactful video content by integrating individual client details and preferences. This personalised touch ensures content is tailor-made, captivating audiences and forging a deep, memorable connection.

Fully Automated

Videos are synced and triggered by your CRM, removing any manual processes. They’re auto-dispatched to your preferred medium, be it by email, social media, or even directly to customers or prospects.

Personal Videos

Create professional and personal videos in seconds

Fliva’s personalised videos tailor content to each customer using data like names and buying history, delivering a unique video experience.

Elevate social engagement with personal videos

Hyper-Personal Videos

Create hyper-personal videos using our brand-aligned templates. The templates sync your data, ensuring details like  name and title are auto-populated in the video.

Social Media & Compatibility

The video templates are compatible with all social media formats and takes little to no time to create. Enhance your content further with features like captions, noise cancelling and more.

Personal Connectivity

Elevate personal connections and deepen engagement. Move beyond traditional emails and voicemails. Deliver your enhanced videos directly to your customers and prospects.


Simplify the complex with animated videos

Create effortless, brand-aligned animations that clarify complexity. With Fliva, enjoy an unending stream of content, crafted in moments.

Animations that speak and connect

Perfect Engagement

Select from our diverse templates, aligned with your brand, tailored for optimal customer interactions. Enhance engagement and drive promotions and leads with standout animations.

Expansive Experiences

Utilize our animations across all digital platforms. Designed to seamlessly align with every social media specification, they provide your business with engaging content stream to captivate audiences.

Data-Synced Integration

The animations are intricately designed to spotlight essential data points, while also integrating your personal details for a heightened level of customisation and connection with your audience.

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Personalized videos

Unparalleled results with Fliva

Kickstart your journey

01 Template Creation

We create video templates customised to your specifications.

02 Automatic Video Production

Fliva’s engine automates the video production process.

03 Video Delivery

Videos are automatically posted or dispatched to your customers.


Creating personalised videos has never been easier

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We work with every industry

Every industry has a unique voice and narrative, and we’re here to amplify it. From e-commerce to pension, banking to tourism, our solutions are crafted to resonate with each sector’s distinct audience. We’re not just about videos; we’re about understanding your world and helping you shine in it.

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