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You can work with us in several ways, depending on your role within the production workflow.


Are you a company who wants to send out personalized videos to your customers?

When we meet companies who are interested in delivering personalized videos to their customers, we most often begin the relationship with a strategic workshop. We map the relevant customer touch points that could benefit from videos and discuss implementation on a strategic, tactical and operations level.

You can also bring your advertising agency, video production company or other creatives along to the workshop, as well as the entire production process. As shown below, Fliva works with several different types of companies throughout the production workflow process.

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Advertising Agency

Do you have a client who is interested in sending out personalized videos to your customers?

As an advertising agency or digital concept bureau you may have a client who is interested in delivering personalized videos for her customers. Fliva can work together with your agency on the creative production, or you can do all the creative work and then handover the rest of the production process to Fliva. We would love to form a partnership with your preferred video production company and teach them how to create Fliva-templates for personalized videos.

As an advertising agency partner, we are also open to join you in a pitch or a meeting with a potential client for a certain project. Get in contact to set up a workshop where we can brainstorm ideas on video touch points for your clients.

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Production Company

Have you produced a video for your client that they want to have personalized?

Fliva works with several video production companies to create our personalization templates. As a matter of fact, Fliva never does any video production work – we want to do what we are best at, and therefore we always partner up with video production companies that can do the production side of a video, such as the creative part, shooting the footage, etc.

Fliva templates must be created in a certain way in your video editing suite and we would love to show you how. If you become a Fliva partner, both us and your company can benefit from a mutual co-operation with your client.

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CRM & Marketing platforms

Have you built a platform that contains relevant customer data and want to integrate with Fliva?

With our open video production API it is possible for Fliva to exchange data from CRM and marketing platforms. Fliva will most often extract data from CRM systems, and deliver measurements back on a customer level in the CRM system.

Fliva personalized videos can also be integrated in marketing automation platforms, where video can be yet another channel, and personalized videos can be delivered to the exact person, based on various triggers and workflows.

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