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Let the agents focus on what they do best – Fliva handles every aspect of real estate video production based on existing content.

Fliva is born out of the Real Estate Industry. Our video rendering engine, together with various front-end was originally launched in 2011 as a platform for the real estate industry. Today – we offer a lot more than this for other industries as well, but we are always striving to continue developing innovative and engaging products for Real Estate businesses.

Creating personalized videos for the Real Estate Industry helps customers feel valued and appreciated. Provide content that is tailored to their requirements, helping them prepare for upcoming deadlines, updating them with fresh data from their listing and informing them about workflow stages.

Selecting Fliva as your personalization tool gives you access to leading experts in the field. We have produced more than 700.000 videos for the Real Estate Industry so far, and our aim is to be the preferred video solution for real estate agents and franchise-chains.

Fliva’s main products for the Real Estate Industry are

  • Property videos
  • School & area videos
  • Personal service videos

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Property Video

Bespoke-crafted to act as your main listing video

A property video utilizes existing data from the listing and thereby converts static data such as text, images and floorplans into more dynamic content, such as a property video.

Once the photographer has supplied images for the property and the sales description text has been written, Fliva fetches these data via an API-integration and our media operators prepare a tailored property video by matching text and pictures, marking dots in the floorplan if provided. All that is left is for our powerful video software to add music and a professional voiceover and voila:

A video is created that presents the property in a pleasant, cosy and informative environment, that puts the viewer in the right mood..

When the video has played, you can convert the viewer to a sales lead via personalized and integrated call-to-action buttons within the video player, such as “contact agent”, “schedule a tour”, “share on Facebook”, etc.

And the best thing? All this is done without the agent having to touch or do anything other than turn on the big smile when potential buyers get in touch with her.

What are the nearest daycare institutions near the property? Which road will my kids have to take when travelling to school?

The area video answers these questions with a clear, visual overview of the area.

Based on data extracted from public databases about schools, institutions, neighbourhoods etc. Fliva creates a video that highlights only the relevant schools and institutions near the specific property.

The video is automatically generated, but all voiceovers are pre-recorded with a unique text for each institution/school. Fliva will initially create a custom graphic template for each real estate chain – and after that, everything is automated.

And again, the agent won’t have to lift a finger to create this video. Fliva does the hard work for you, creating a detailed, engaging and most importantly, helpful, video that nurtures your customers and fulfils  a specific requirement.

Which types of transportation can be accessed near the property? How far is it to the nearest sports facilities? Where can I buy my groceries on my way back home from work?

Well…let the Point of Interest video show you. It displays various points of interest in the area of the specific property.

Points of Interest can include anything from cultural sites, nature, sports, transportation and grocery stores near the property.

The process gets underway through a short engagement with the estate agents in order to create the specific Points of Interest. A few lines of description text are needed for each point of interest within their local market – a task which can be easily completed with the Fliva Points of Interest tool. The compiled database of Points of Interest description texts is then recorded by professional voiceover artists, which will be used in the automatically generated videos.

With the initial input from the agent in order to establish the Points of Interest, she can then sit back and watch the detailed videos benefit all future potential buyers in the local market.

Personalized Videos

Examples of personalized video touchpoints along the real estate customer journey
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When the house is sold, send a personalized video describing the after-sales process with actual deadlines, ensuring your customer is left with a good impression of both the estate agent and your brand.


Before meeting the prospective house seller, send them a personalized video presenting the estate agent and what they will need to prepare for the meeting.
Customer Care

Customer Care

Send the customer regular personalized video updates regarding the status of their property case, including factors like: the number of listing visits, tours, property video views, etc.


Once the customer (the house seller) is onboarded, send them a personalized video describing the process and containing the forthcoming deadlines in the workflow.


When the customer is billed, an invoice can sometimes seem overwhelming. Send the customer a personalized video along with the invoice, which explains every line using actual numbers from the case.

Service videos

Our newest product for the Real Estate Industry.

One of our happy customers is HOME A/S – Denmarks leading Real Estate franchise chain. Fliva has produced 3 video templates for the customer touchpoints:

  • Acquisition
  • Onboarding
  • Retention/Post-sale

Based on these templates we produce more than 90.000 Personalized Service Videos every year for HOME A/S. See the customer case here

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