Find out what features have ensured Fliva can simplify the complexity of video production into a straightforward process.

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Complex Video Production made Easy

The Fliva video engine is a complex piece of software engineering, which we could talk about for hours – days even. But don’t worry – we won’t bore you with the technical stuff! Instead we want you to focus on your video content needs and wants.

First, we pull your content and information

We need structured data i.e. images, audio, text and video organized in a structured and logical order. As long as you have structured data, we can pull it into the Fliva video engine.

We do not allow technical standards to get in the way of great video content. Therefore, we haven’t settled on any specific input method. Instead, we’ll adapt to your technical setup.


We’ve Pulled Content via

  • API integration
  • Product Feed
  • FTP Access
  • Dropbox

Second, We Set Up an Automated Video Production for You

Adobe After Effects Converter

Creative freedom means no standard templates – no limits

We have developed an Adobe After Effects converter, which enables us to create a custom template with variables based on your unique design.

Automatic Synchronization

No compromising of the quality

The Fliva video engine automatically synchronizes audio and speech according to the visual elements. This allows us to produce high quantities of video in a short period of time, without compromising the quality of the mix.

The Human Touch

If needed our team can handle the parts which technology can't.

We do not compromise on quality. Our production setup therefore includes a team of skilled media operators, voice talents and translators, who handle the processes that technology is not yet 100% capable of.

Real Time Rendering

The Fliva video engine is fast – really fast

It can render HD video in real time, creating entirely new options for personalized videos produced in real time, based upon the viewer’s previous behaviors.


What language do you need?

We can have your video content translated into any language you need. All we need is an original text and our professional translators will take care of the rest. All translations are done by humans.

Professional Voice-Over

What kind of voice do you need?

With more than 1500 professional voice talents in our database, we can provide voice-overs that match every mood and purpose. All voice talents are native speakers, so that we can achieve the highest quality possible.

Lastly, We Deliver Video Variants To Your Audience

HTML5 Video Player

Cross platform compatibility

The Fliva Video Player is based on HTML5 technology, which ensures a flawless, fast and responsive experience across all platforms.

Programmatic Advertising

Get help setting up programmatic advertising

To ensure maximum impact of you video content, we can help you set up programmatic advertising campaigns in all relevant marketing channels.

Performance Reports

Get analytic insights

We create monthly performance reports which include all relevant insights into your video marketing efforts.

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