Property Videos for Real Estate Customers

See how Fliva utilized existing content from home's property ads and created powerful property videos

In 2011, leading Danish real estate chain, home a/s, launched a nationwide video concept powered by Fliva.

By matching existing property sales text, photos and floor plans, Fliva set up an automated production process converting static content into dynamic property video with professional voice over and smooth background music offering visitors a captivating, inspiring and shareable experience.

Fliva also created two types of area videos. One video highlighted daycare, schools and institutions near the property, and another one showed various points of interest in the neighborhood such as culture, nature, sports, transportation and grocery stores.

Since then Fliva has produced more than 400.000 property and area videos for home, which has turned into millions of brand engagement minutes in videos with 89% average view through rates and a solid differentiator for home, offering video products in a competitive market.


“A crucial aspect is the fact that we didn’t have to change our tech setup. All system integration and customization of API was done on Fliva’s part leaving home a/s unaffected.

Bottom line: none of our agents have had to change their routines or get used to new system interfaces – it has truly been a smooth transition.”

Mads Ellegaard

Mads Ellegaard

Head of Relations - HOME A/S

Property Video

Based on existing text, images and floorplan.
Made into a dynamic video with pro voice over. (video in Danish)

Area Video - Schools

Automatically generated video based on public databases of schools, institutions, etc. (video in Danish)

Area Video - POI

Automatically generated video with Points of Interest based on initial input from real estate agents. (video in Danish)


Average View-Through-Rate: 89%
Cost-effective Brand Engagement hours
Increased agent margin on each case
New differentiator in a tight market

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