Improving your ecommerce ads with personalized video content

Selling your product or service online? We've outlined just a few ways that implementing personalized video content can bring huge benefits to your business.

Major brands like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba are ruling the e-commerce industry – and a major means of outreache-commerce personalization videos.
If you are an online store owner, considering optimization of your e-commerce ads with personalized video content is huge step in the right direction.

Don’t believe me? Read on. In this article we outline in hard facts why e-commerce videos should be your north star.

The rush to personalize

Personalization is the word on everyone’s lips in e-commerce. It has consistently been so for the last 2-3 years and technology and new tools develop.

But why has this hype around e-commerce personalization come about in the first place? Surely it must be based on good evidence and not just a storm in a teacup?

We’ve pulled out some statistics to attempt to answer these questions

  1. 81% of people want brands to get to know them and understand when to approach them.
  2. 78% of CMOs think custom content is the future of marketing.
  3. 81% of marketers perceive increases in customer engagement as the main benefit of real-time marketing.
  4. 200 milion+ people use ad blockers, including 16% of the US population.
  5. More than 78% of customers will only pursue offers if they’re customized to previous engagements with the brand.
  6. 93% of companies see greater conversion rates with website personalization.
  7. 46% of marketers cited lack of time as the biggest hurdle to content marketing personalization.


What can we take from these statistics? Ads that aren’t personalized are performing poorly, yet customer engagement is up and they actively want brands to speak to them and understand their needs. Creating personalized content is a priority for many e-commerce marketers while being too time consuming to actually implement.


What is a personalized video?

A personalized video is any video content that’s customized and relevant to individual customers – no matter where they are in the funnel. In e-commerce there are multiple methods of personalizing videos, focusing on brands, marketers, and audiences.

Personalized videos can contain the recipient’s personal information such as name, gender, age, location in order to effectively engage. Each video ad which you create can have specific details and messaging, aimed at talking to the customer one-on-one.

Unfortunately, if we return to the last statistic on our list above we have an issue here though. E-commerce personalization is too time consuming right?

Let’s say you wanted to send out a video for the summer holidays to your audience, with each video having a different name and location in it.
This would definitely be personalized content, but to achieve this for thousands of customers, you need to put in hours of work. Not exactly scalable, is it?


Automation solves the problem

There is, of course, a tool to fix that issue! With automation in e-commerce personalization you can literally create thousands of videos for your customers in the space of a few minutes.


A tool like Fliva creates a single video template based on your goals and requirements. This creates individualized videos from your structured data and applications. You can read more about the product process here.


The benefits personalization in acquisition

Adding personalized videos to your marketing activities can give you optimized results when it comes to acquisition. A potential customer provides her information through website activities, browsing and being active on social media. Here are some advantages  of using some of these valuable data in creating a personalized video for your audience:

  • Seeing their name, email, address, and other personal details get your customer’s attention efficiently. Research has shown that using personalized videos for inactive users in your marketing campaigns can increase the open rate by 5x than a standard, regular email.
  • A study by Email Monks says that personalized video results in 280% higher returns than standard, traditional emails.



What’s more, automation in e-commerce video doesn’t have to just apply to acquisition. Many e-commerce marketers make the mistake of focusing their efforts only on customer acquisition. Nurturing and building relationships with existing customers drives loyalty, builds word-of-mouth marketing and increases order values.

It is therefore your decision when, where and how you want to engage your audience as individuals. Fliva are the tool that makes that happen.
You can create video ads that announce your discounts and offers boldly and informatively.  Add CTAs , links in the description, and watch your sales increase.


Marketers have time and time again seen a dramatic rise in conversions through personalized video marketing.

If effectively implemented, it can help you achieve increased brand awareness, acquire new customers, and build long-lasting relationships with your audiences. In this industry, you can look at e-commerce personalization video like a Swiss Army knife. It offers all the tools to improve your entire marketing strategy and can is easy to implement.

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