6 ways to make your company’s videos more engaging to customers

We offer up some advice from industry experts on how you can create entertaining and educational videos which are going to increase customer engagement.

If implemented properly, video can be an effective means of engaging your customers at every key touchpoint in their journey. Yet consumers are more and more often being bombarded with graphics, audio and visuals.

This means that your content needs to be finely crafted to earn their attention and engagement. We’ve outlined a few ideas for how you can do that.

1. Start using personalization

The first point and perhaps the most important of all those mentioned in this list. By adding individual factors to videos you can instantly increase views and overall engagement.

Don’t just believe us though – the statistics on personalization in video don’t lie.  Marketing Insider Group found that 78% of internet users interviewed said that personally relevant content from brands increases their intent to purchase a product.

Danish real estate company Home –  they were able to implement Fliva’s personalization solutions at key customer touchpoints in order to educate (see next tip!), inform and engage.

You can read about the full Case Study for Home here. 


2. Use information to educate and inform your viewers.

The content you are putting out should do more than simply seek to sell new products or offers to consumers. As mentioned in the intro, we are becoming overloaded with content that is simply shouting about a company’s next sale, discount or free trial.

To effectively nurture and engage your prospects and customers, think about the questions and queries they may have.

  • Travel Industry- Send a personalized video to the customer including their travel itinerary, tips and tricks (e.g. how to park in the airport) together with a summary of their booking.
  • Insurance- Use a personalized video to explain what the customer should do to make claim if needed and showcase the contact persons to get in touch with, along with their contact information.
  • Telecom – Simplify the complex tasks by explaining how bills are structured and how to deliver payments. Friendly yet informative videos like this reduce church and support your customers.

Although, reminder video with offers, coupons, or newly released products which may meet customer needs are crucial to Retention and Loyalty. The key then, is to find a balance between educating and upselling to your audiences.


3. Include music

The previous points show that content is king when it comes to nurturing and supporting your clients. Yet a small change such as adding catchy, engaging music to a video can make a big difference.

Before you dive into the first song you hear consider a few factors first. You don’t want it to be too loud, fast-paced or distracting from the voiceover and visual content. Good background music is enough to engage the viewer without demanding all their attention.
You can talk to the team at Fliva to find out more about this.


4. Engage through interviews with experts

If they have already engaged with your brand, the chances are that a prospect or existing customer has an interest in your industry. Therefore, connecting with industry experts who can outline some key knowledge is an effective means of building engagement.

It doesn’t have to stop there though. Some of the highest rates of engagement with videos come from customers, your own team members, custom support team or your company CEO.

Giving any kind of insight into your industry or company is an important consideration here.


5. Build your brand

This comes into the entire production process. Think about how you can make your outreach videos unique to your business.

This may be through simple factors like the music, video structure or voiceover. However, you could begin to think of content which could be unique to your brand that will engage with clients and prospects alike.

Michael Haase, CEO and Founder of Danish company Plant Jammer, has built a online audience by posting educational, informative videos to his LinkedIn profile. 

6. Show your personality

This links to the previous tips in that you want to show customers why your brand stands out from the crowd.

Give glimpses into daily life at your office, have your team give their thoughts on what makes your company great. Make it a regular occurrence that your customer base will be looking out for. Danish company Clearhaus regularly post an informative ‘Whiteboard Wednesday’  explainer video with an expert giving advice.

In short: any video content that shows your business in a different light from the mass of other content your customers will be receiving!


The take away message is that personalization is crucial to increasing engagement, and so is personality. Getting the right mix between informing and entertaining your audience with a style that is unique to your brand is the recipe for success here.

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