6 reasons you should start using Personalization videos

You might have seen personalization within video firsthand, or may be aware of the concept. Personal video content provides a means of connecting with your audience on a different level. By adapting the flow of the video according to the interest of the viewer, or incorporating personalized messages or images into a video, you can create a completely unique dynamic video.

Here we’ve outlined a few reasons why it makes sense to start using personalization in your business:

1. Stand out from the crowd

The more videos a client, or a potential customer receives, the more likely they will be to ignore the take-home messages.

Using personal information in videos makes it easier to connect with these viewers and makes people curious about how their information will be used in the forthcoming video.



People are far more likely to click on a video when are triggered by their personal information up front – no matter which stage of the customer journey they may be on.


2. Optimize your conversions

The key to making conversions is having relevant, engaging content – personalized video makes that a lot easier.

Instead of creating a separate video for each of your target audience groups, the scenes are adapted to match the interest of the viewer. Depending on the number of these scenes you have, the videos can vary hugely depending on the viewers.

For example, a video for the travel industry could show quiet beach getaways to some viewers, while extreme sports are displayed in others – depending on the interests of the viewing audience.

The more of these personalized segments you can use, the more relevant the final video will become for your viewers. Thus, the greater the impression of tailor-made content just for them will become.


3. Increase brand awareness and watch time

When a personalized video is displayed, viewers instantly become curious about what other aspects of the video will be personalized.

Where will he see more of his own information in the video?


The curiosity generated through personalized video doesn’t only make people more likely to watch the video in the first place. They will pay more attention to your business name and branding, as well as watching for longer.


4. Increase chance of shares

When you start using personalization for marketing purposes, you are much more likely to see a greater response from your viewing audience.  Dynamic videos which contains offers or information of relevance to the audience are more likely to draw excitement and attention.

If your videos get shared amongst your target audience – you are reaching out to a far larger audience pool. This ‘snowball effect’ is much more likely to occur using a user generated personal video compared to regular video marketing.

5. Retain and nurture valuable customers

But it doesn’t just have to be in the marketing stage that personalization videos can come into effect.

Use personalized videos to engage and educate your customers along each and every step of the customer journey. Give them insights into numbers or statistics based on her own data.

Including points of interest like local schools in personalized video for the Real Estate industry would be an effective means of providing useful content to customers.


For example, if using personalization video in the Real Estate industry – when a property has been sold you can send a personalized video describing the after-sales process. This can quote deadlines, ensuring your customer receives a good impression of both the estate agent and your brand.

6. Onboard and welcome new users

Similarly to the previous point, once a customer is on-board you want to make them feel appreciated and looked after. The best way to do that is with personalized video.

Support your customers on their journey by offering personalized videos with unique messages. These might include recommended products, promotions, or rewards –  based on a consumer’s unique data profile.

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