Speaking with your Buyers – Ensuring your sales outreach is relatable and relevant

Before you rush into sending automated messages to unknown contacts - stop and think first. From their perspective, what would convince them to engage with your message?

The best way to approach a successful sales outreach campaign is to look at it from your audience’s perspective.

Uninspiring, generic messages just won’t engage, I’m sure it’s the same with the irrelevant messages flooding your inbox!

How often in the space of a week do you receive an sales outreach mail with a generic opening message that immediately loses your interest? Or just gets lost among the spam in your email filter? (see exhibit A below!)



If you want to bring in more conversions you need to be reaching out to your buyers in an effective and engaging way. The most effective way of doing that? Make your messages personal.

As this article from Inc puts it:

“Humans are driven by feelings. So if you want the consumer to remember your product or brand, they must be engaged and impassioned by the interaction with your company.”

Even even if your products or services are the best in your niche, if you aren’t getting that message across you won’t get results. Therefore, if you are making your buyers feel more like numbers than actual people – you won’t have much luck.


Implementing personalization

A proper personalization message should resonate with your individual audience members. What’s more, it needs the full support of your team in order to successfully implement a working personalization strategy.

The more time you put into building your relationship with the buyer, the more they will feel emotionally invested in you and the solution you give them.  Personalized video can be interactive to enable personally relevant content — the viewer can show the nature of their inquiry and a video guides the viewer to a solution or towards a call-to-action.

If used after a authentication login within a user’s account, personalized video content can answer FAQs specific to the user. For example, it could refer to their specific payment dates, deadlines, important dates. Check out our cases to see where it has been used.

Where does Fliva come in?

Any touchpoint where customers are interacting with your business has the potential for personalized videos. Smart handling of data creates more satisfied customers.

Personalization builds new relationships with customers, and encourages them to stay around longer. There is a need for businesses to adopt a proper data management strategy to gain value from their personalization efforts. In today’s business world, more and more customers expect a unique and personal experience. Now it’s up to the businesses to deliver! It is no longer enough to take a generic, one-size-fits-all video created for one purpose or audience and re-use it. Every interaction and touchpoint has to prioritize the viewer and their mindset.

The tailored solutions offered by Fliva give a personal and informative means of engaging with your audience at every crucial customer touchpoint. Get in touch to find out more.

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