Arnsbo Property Media is now Fliva

Official Press Release | February 26, 2016

Since 2011, Arnsbo Property Media, part of Arnsbo Media, has been a major supplier of video content for the Danish real estate market. Now the name has changed to Fliva, and the focus shifts towards the exploding need for automated video content of high quality at low prices.


Video from Existing Content

Throughout the years, Arnsbo Property Media has perfected the skill of creating videos with a professional voice-over based on existing content. A success rate of more than 99% in 236,000 produced videos speaks for itself.

Arnsbo Property Media’s experience and technological platform, will be the foundation for Fliva. “We have developed a great video rendering- and automation software, which enables us to create thousands of unique videos in a few hours – we can even deliver HD video in real time. Our completely automated process combined with a unique software limits the need for manual processes to a few minutes per video” says Søren Arnsbo, Partner, and CIO in Fliva, before he continues: “In short, we take the customer’s existing content such as text, images, sound and video files, and run it through our video engine, which has been set up with the client’s video template. This allows us to produce unlimited unique videos at minimal costs per video for the customer.”

The Demand and Need is Enormous

Smartphones have been around for almost a decade, and now we are really starting to see some changes in the consumer behavior. People act on every need in the moment, and they expect relevant content to be immediately available.

“When we look at the media landscape today, we see an enormous demand for video content for all kinds of purposes – both from retailers and their customers. In other words, we have exactly the right tool to meet the massive need for video content, which won’t break the bank for our customers. The decision to offer other kinds of videos than real estate was a natural next step for us” Carsten Hjorth Pedersen, Partner, and CEO of Fliva explains.

With the Fliva video engine there are no limits to the kind of videos that can be produced “It all depends on the input that is fed into it.”

Google Sets a New Agenda

Google has brought the modern consumer behavior, which they have coined “Micro Moments”, to everyone’s attention and this has confirmed the huge potential of Fliva’s video concept.

A Micro-Moment occurs whenever a person acts on a need in the moment e.g. via his smartphone. Whether it is to find the best price for a product, recommendations for the best nearby restaurant or learn how to make your personal drone.

“It’s about being present in all relevant places with relevant content easily accessible. Customer patience is at an all-time low, and they are not afraid to switch to a competitor if they find a better answer there. With YouTube as the world’s second largest search engine, good video content is crucial if you want to capture customers at the right moment “, Carsten Hjorth explains.

According to Søren Arnsbo, this development drives the huge demand for video content: “Technologies such as smartphones, big data, and 1-to-1 marketing have placed focus on the individual and created the micro moments movement where customers expect relevant and increasingly personalized marketing communications. This increases demands for marketers to deliver content that targets the individual, or at least a very specialized segment. It quickly adds up to a lot of different content which will be very expensive with traditional production methods. That is what we want to change with Fliva.

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