Personalized video guide – Key Terms

The language used in personalized video can sometimes be a little complex. That's why we have made a guide of some of the most important terms in order to understand and achieve success when implemented personalized video.

Maybe you have already heard of the concept of personalized video? Perhaps you have even begun to construct or implement a personalization strategy.

Before you go any further in the process, we want you to take a look at this short guide. We’ve produced a list of a few personalization keywords to get to know – and then defined what they are and how they play a key role in producing high quality video for your customers.



Clearly, each personalized video you want to implement is going to start with raw data. But what does this actually mean when it comes to personalized video?

This will obviously vary depending on a number of different factors, like the industry you are in, your ultimate aim for your video, your data structure, etc.

As a general rule of thumb though, in a personalization context, data will involve information gathered on consumers within your industry and tied to their behaviors.

As part of the Production Process, Fliva will carry out a Data Exchange to connect to your systems, so we can get relevant data and map it to the variable elements.


Scene Library 


The next of our personalization keywords refers to a collection of scenes, or library, that will make up each video. Over the course of the production process, these will be rearranged to fit the demands and goals of Fliva’s clients.

The scene libraries are important in order to ensure your personalized videos are dynamic and scalable; without them scenes aren’t modular and your videos will be stuck with a familiar linear format.


Template Creation

In the production process, this means that a video template is created, which matches your design and needs. This is preferably done in cooperation with an advertising agency and/or video production company.

The template includes static elements and variable elements.

The variable elements can be automatically changed for every video, and that is how Fliva can produce many videos at a low cost.


Dynamic Video

This refers to video that is reactive – able to change or shift according to the viewer’s data in real-time.

All the personalized videos you are creating are dynamic, but not all dynamic videos are personalized.

So several modular parts in combination with a powerful, scalable technology are the requirement. Only then can you create engaging, personalized videos which are unique to each and every viewer.


Behaviour Data Exchange

Once your personalized videos have been created it does not signal the end of the production process.

At Fliva, we measure the performance of every video and the individual behaviors of each recipient, so you know how the communication was received.

This information is automatically delivered to your CRM. From here you can initiate workflows based on the individual behaviour of your customers.



These personalization keywords are by no means a complete guide, but we hope they have given you some insight into an effective production process.

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