“One size fits all.”
Why the viewer experience needs to go beyond this.

We look at why a standardized approach is no longer an effective means of reaching out to customers.
The solution is adopting personalization into every aspect of the viewer experience and we outline how it works.

The ever-increasing levels of screens in our lives, from computers, mobiles, TV and laptops, means that video is a more present part of daily life for all of us. People interact uniquely with these platforms, depending on the time of day, the format (whether it is on a social media feed, a website or an app) and the location. 

This means that to be effective in video outreach, there is clearly a need for helpful, valuable video content which is adjusted for individual users – transforming their experience from ‘passive’ to ‘active.’

Yet the standardized approach to video still dominates. Many businesses still implement a ‘one-size-fits-all approach’.


What is the solution?

Personalization, in a general sense, refers to the tailoring of a specific service in order to make it more relevant and appealing to individuals.

In some ways, the use of personalization looks back to the earlier days of brick-and-mortar stores. The focus shifts to make all the customer touchpoints more closely tailored to the individual.

A good way to think about this is taking Amazon as an example. When you visit their site they will greet you by name- like a friendly, local shop assistant (see screenshot below). They will then let you know about specific products which they think you will have an interest in. This is because they’ve taken the time to look at your previous purchases and browsing history on their site. This not only creates a good impression on the viewer, but it drives 35% of Amazon’s overall sales! (Source)

There is a nearly endless list of companies who use personalization, but another example could be portal sites like Yahoo. They allow their visitors to customize their page with selected news categories, weather reports and specific interests.

Acknowledging your audience has consistently been found to give benefits to those who are using personalization, no matter your industry.


Examples of personalization’s usage

Personalization improves almost any aspect of your customer’s journey through a one-to-one service – so called because the business’s output is tailored to each customer. It is a means of meeting the customer’s needs more effectively and efficiently. As a result, this increases customer satisfaction, brand recall and the chance of repeat visits.


Personalized video can be interactive to enable personally relevant content — the viewer can show the nature of their inquiry and a video guides the viewer to a solution or towards a call-to-action.

If used after a authentication login within a user’s account, personalized video content can answer FAQs specific to the user or refer to their specific payment dates, deadlines, important dates – you name it! Check out our cases to see where it has been used.


Personalized video for complex subjects

The banking industry, pension and insurance providers often need to outline complicated services and agreements. These are confusing for new customers – even when generic, explanatory videos are used.



Personalized introductory onboarding videos bring huge benefits. They are targeted, so answer the questions of individual customers and help them understand with only the most relevant information.


Personalization as a multi-channel strategy

If you are a business advertising your brand online, you might want to deliver your personalized videos via multiple channels.
Depending on the user and the channel you can tailor you brand messages and output.



You might deliver a relevant video on Facebook which acts as potential for an advertising messaging or the availability of personalized content on a viewer’s account. An e-commerce brand might want to promote its’ new mobile app via personalized videos, while using the app itself as a delivery mechanism for more personalized content.


Where does Fliva come in?

Any touchpoint where customers are interacting with your business has the potential for personalized videos.

Smart handling of data creates more satisfied customers. Personalization builds new relationships with customers, and encourages them to stay around longer. There is a need for businesses to adopt a proper data management strategy to gain value from their personalization efforts. In today’s business world, more and more customers expect a unique and personal experience. Now it’s up to the businesses to deliver!

It is no longer enough to take a generic, one-size-fits-all video created for one purpose or audience and re-use it. Every interaction and touchpoint has to prioritize the viewer and their mindset.

The tailored solutions offered by Fliva give a personal and informative means of engaging with your audience at every crucial customer touchpoint. Get in touch to find out more.

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