How can personalized videos help your business?

Why should you care about personalization? How will it actually make a difference in your industry and for your business? We find out in this blogpost.

You may have heard of personalization and its usage in more and more online outreach. Yet you may also be wondering how it is actually relevant to your business specifically?

We’re going to look at some of the major industries within which personalization can be (and has been!) effectively utilized. Scroll down to find a selection of some of the solutions we offer:


Travel industry

This industry is all about delivering engaging, exciting experiences to customers, so why should the content be any different? Personalized travel videos at each step of the customer journey keep them engaged and informed about their booking. It also increases the chances of retention, brand recognition and repeat purchases with your business, see our solutions for personalized videos in the travel industry

Real Estate

Using personalized videos for the Real Estate Industry helps customers feel valued and appreciated. Use unique data to provide content that is tailored to their requirements, displaying property videos, school & area videos or personal service videos at key customer touchpoints. Fliva have been helping Real Estate Businesses with video products for 7 years, see our solutions for personalized videos in the real estate industry

E-commerce industry

E-commerce industry

Creating relevancy in your business is crucial in every industry, but none more so than in e-commerce. You want to reach out with eye-catching content which you already know will increase CTR and conversions because its based on their specific interests. Attract, convert and retain your customers with personalized content, see our solutions for personalized videos in the e-commerce industry.


There is a pressing need for easy-to-understand forms of content within the insurance industry. Businesses see a low retention rate because customers are not engaging or fully comprehending their content. A simple, personalized video which outlines seemingly complex policies can dramatically increase  loyalty and retention rates, see our solutions for personalized videos in the insurance industry.


Banking industry

The progression of the majority of banking to online has seen the closure of many brick-and-mortar banks and consequently the distancing of some customers. Utilizing personalized video at key touchpoints consistently builds engagement and loyalty in the banking sector, see our solutions for personalized videos for the financial industry.


A joint study from CBI & Aegon found that just 12% of firms were happy with workforce pension engagement in 2018. The solution is prioritizing engaging video content ahead of paper forms. These use statistics and figures personalized to individuals so they receive a clear, detailed outline of their pension plan, see our solutions for personalized videos in the pension industry.


Advertising industry

Using a one-size-fits-all approach to advertising is no longer a viable means of reaching out and engaging with an audience. Content which delivers tailored ads is more likely to lead to purchases. Read more about the success of personalization in advertising here.


As we also see in the insurance industry, a lack of engagement with traditional content leads to loss of revenue. The best solution? Sending accompanying videos with outreach, bills and receipts which answer questions and issues. This helps to reduce churn and customer service calls while increasing revenue, see our solutions for personalized videos in the utility industry


Telecom industry

There is a growing need in the telecom industry for a higher retention of customers through better appreciation and engagement. According to a study by Accenture, 41% of consumers studied switched their providers last year. Personalized videos help you to leverage real-time customer insights,  showing you appreciate them whilst outlining  your real value to them. See our Solutions for personalized videos in the Telecom industry here

There is a growing expectancy from consumers for personalization in all their content, so why should video be any different?

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