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Find out how our co-operation with Danish company Home helped to increase customer acquisition and brand loyalty.

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Home is a chain of Danish real-estate agencies, who use Fliva’s personalized video solutions to see significant improvements across a number of key customer touchpoints


The challenge?

When Home approached us, their goals were twofold:

  1. To acquire more house sellers.
  2. To increase brand loyalty.(video in Danish)

The solution?

The solution we provided to help Home achieve these goals was to provide personalized videos for house sellers in three key customer touchpoints:

  1. First meeting- When the seller has a first meeting with the estate agent. This includes the location and name to ensure the best possible first impression.
  2. Details of the sales process – This personalized videos explains all important details that need to be ticked off before the listing of the property sale is live, therefore this includes photography, advertising text, open houses, important meetings, etc.
  3. Sales agreement – Once the buyer and seller have signed a sales agreement, the final video in the process outlines the last list of objectives to be completed before the sale goes ahead.(video in Danish)

The result

The results from Home speak for themselves. After implementing Fliva’s personalized videos they saw an increase in customer acquisition, alongside improvements to the customer journey, an increase in overall satisfaction and a higher Trustscore.

(Video in Danish)

The impact

  • Increase in customer acquisition: 8,5%

  • Increase in Trustscore rating: 42%

  • Greater customer satisfaction

  • Higher brand loyalty


Property and Area videos


Home have been able to achieve other remarkable results with Fliva. Since 2011 Fliva has produced thousands of property and area videos for home – see the case study here to find out more about what we are


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