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HLS is now supported in Fliva Player

Earlier this year we moved our transcoding layer of our Fliva Player from a cloud provider to our own software. This move has enabled that we have much more granular control over both features and cost. We used this granularity to enable HLS streaming format in our player. The HLS format is invented by Apple … Read more

Reacting to Embedded Player Events

Our player allows you to react to player events, and use that functionality to do a lot of useful things, e.g. Track user engagement Change website appearance Click to navigate and so much more… How to setup event handlers There are eight different events you can listen to and five commands you can execute. Listenable … Read more

Screen Replacement in a Video Template

Doing screen replacement in a video with live action footage is one of the most commonly used features of Fliva rendering platform. Be it handheld devices like phones and tablets or large screens like computers and even tv’s. Even though we do support many features of After Effects, we do not support everything. And some … Read more

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