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Improving your ecommerce ads with personalized video content

Major brands like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba are ruling the e-commerce industry – and a major means of outreache-commerce personalization videos. If you are an online store owner, considering optimization of your e-commerce ads with personalized video content is huge step in the right direction. Don’t believe me? Read on. In this article we outline … Read more

Personalized video guide – Key Terms

Maybe you have already heard of the concept of personalized video? Perhaps you have even begun to construct or implement a personalization strategy. Before you go any further in the process, we want you to take a look at this short guide. We’ve produced a list of a few personalization keywords to get to know … Read more

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Client Case – Home

  Home is a chain of Danish real-estate agencies, who use Fliva’s personalized video solutions to see significant improvements across a number of key customer touchpoints   The challenge? When Home approached us, their goals were twofold: To acquire more house sellers. To increase brand loyalty.(video in Danish) The solution? The solution we provided to … Read more

How effective is personalization?
We take a look at the statistics

You might be deliberating whether or not implementing personalization to your business is right for you? Every prospective business owner in your position has similar questions:

  1. What are the benefits of personalization?
  2. Will the usage of customer’s personal data discourage them from making a purchase?
  3. Will personalization be effective for my industry?

Read moreHow effective is personalization?
We take a look at the statistics

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