Fliva is a part of the Danish Arnsbo Group, that creates innovative growth companies by developing scalable and automated tech, marketing and media solutions.

Fliva is born out of the Real Estate Industry. Our video rendering engine was originally launched in 2011 as a video creation platform exclusively for property videos, virtual tours and area videos for the real estate industry.

Today though, we offer a lot more than this for multiple other industries, and our focus has shifted towards producing scalable, individual and personalized videos in their thousands.

Fliva’s video platform is a fast, effective and personal communication tool to reach out to your customers, and engage them on their smartphones, tablets and laptops.

We offer a video creation, hosting and distribution service, producing unlimited video variants based on custom templates with variables.

Our video production platform and service is built to accommodate our client’s needs to target customers with relevant and personal information.

By creating video templates with dynamic variables, it is possible to utilize existing content or data sources with virtually no manual work.  We are able to produce large quantities of video that make an impact at all the relevant customer touch points; bringing economies of scale benefits to ensure low costs. Sending a personalized video to your customer does not need to cost more than a postage stamp.

Our template-based platform gives you or your agency creative freedom to create exactly the video template you need. The automatized video production process enables us to create unlimited variants of the same video optimized for various platforms and/or target audiences, with hardly any extra cost.

August 2011

Arnsbo Property Media founded

Arnsbo Property Media was founded in 2011 in Aarhus by Soren Arnsbo and Carsten Hjorth Pedersen (both owners of  Arnsbo Group) and operated as producers of large quantities of real estate videos, such as property videos, area videos, agent videos etc.

Arnsbo Property Media has developed a genuine video production platform that automizes most of the process involved in video production for real estate.

Thousands of unique videos are produced on the Arnsbo Property Media platform each month.

August 2014

Fliva founded

The original video brand Fliva was founded in 2014 as a joint venture by Firtal Tech and Arnsbo Group. Fliva was back then intended to let users create their own videos in the worlds easiest video builder, while at the same time letting users create multiple variants and versions of the same video.

The Video ad builder tool was launched at TechCrunch Disrupt 2014 in San Francisco, and the interest in the product was overwhelming.

December 2015

Company merger

Arnsbo Group bought Firtal Tech’s shares in Fliva in December 2015, and decided to merge the older video brand Arnsbo Property Media with Fliva, thereby having only one video brand with the best team, tools and synergies from both companies.

This also marked a new era for Fliva, as the focus was shifted away from an ad builder with customer interaction to a highly-scalable video rendering platform based on custom video templates with dynamic variables.

November 2017

Personalized videos for real estate

Fliva launched the concept of personalized videos for our first customer, leading national Danish real estate chain home.

The result was a dramatic increase in customer ratings and sales conversion rates for the customer.

September 2018

Launching the concept of personalized videos for several industries

The Fliva platform is readymade for corporate customers from industries such as the financial sectors of Banking, Pension, Insurance and Mortgage, as well as ecommerce, utility, telecom and travel companies. Read more about what we offer here.

September 2019

Fliva wins Company Succes Award

Fliva is awarded one of the 1.000 most successful companies in Denmark, in Danish called “Succesvirksomhed 2019” (Company of Success 2019).

The “Company of Success” award is run by the Danish bank, Spar Nord and BDO, one of the largest advisory and accounting firms in Denmark,  in an initiative to acknowledge companies in Denmark that deliver continuous growth and strong financial results throughout the last five years.

According to Spar Nord and BDO the success companies have demonstrated an ability to create local sustainable development in the community and in Denmark as a whole.

The Fliva team

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships
Carsten Hjorth Pedersen
CEO | Co-founder
Søren Arnsbo
CIO | Co-founder
Claus Witt
CTO | Partner
Daniel Hübertz
Kasper Kolstrup
Key Account Manager
Lucas Brendan Ward
Frontend Developer
Frederik Hjort
Production Coordinator
Mathias Jakobsen
Senior Developer
Heidi Engkjær
Administrative & HR Coordinator
Jonas Askjær
Business Development Manager
Mille Greisen
Finance Manager
Niels Mørk
Project Manager
Nicklas Thomsen
IT Assistant
Georg Holka
Asger Ahn
Media Operator
Camilla Jessen
Media Operator
Emilie Østergaard Jensen
Media Operator
Frederik Hansen
Media Operator
Gustav Bjerring Winterberg
Media Operator
Ida Wind Skydt
Media Operator
Julian Kræpping
Media Operator
Julie Nielsen
Media Operator
Maja Heesgaard
Media Operator
Marie Hauge
Media Operator
Matilde Korsgaard
Media Operator
Matilde Krogsgaard
Media Operator
Nadja Lillelund
Media Operator
Naja Schultz
Media Operator
Nina Johannsen
Media Operator
Simone Axelsen
Media Operator
Sofie Hellegaard
Media Operator
Stine Selch
Media Operator
Søren Sahlholdt
Media Operator
Troels Drasbech
Media Operator

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