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Fliva offers the perfect setup for utilizing existing static content by converting text, images and floor plan into a dynamic property video with a professional voice over.

Combined with Fliva’s Area & Points of interest video concepts, this is an affordable way to have agents stand out from the crowd with professional video content.

Affordable real estate virtual tours with pro voice over

Let the agents focus on what they do best – Fliva handles every aspect of real estate video production.

Property Video – suitable as the main listing video

A property video utilizes existing data from the listing and thereby converts static data such as text, images and floorplan into more dynamic content, such as a property video.

Once the photographer has supplied images for the property, and the sales description text has been written, Fliva fetches these data via API-integration and our media operators prepare a property video by matching text and pictures, marking dots in the floorplan if provided. Then our video software puts on music and professional voice over, and boom: A video is created that presents the property in a nice, cosy, informative environment, that puts the viewer in the right mood.

When the video has played the viewer can turn into a sales lead via integrated call-to-action buttons in the video player, such as “contact agent”, “schedule a tour”, “share on Facebook”, etc.

All this is done without the agent having to touch or do anything other than turn on the big smile when potential buyers get in touch with her.

Example of Property Video (Australia)

Area video – automatically tailormade to the property

What are the nearest daycare institutions near the property? Which road will my kids have to take when commuting to school?

The area video answers these questions with a visual overview of the area.

Based on data extracted from public databases about schools, institutions, etc. Fliva creates creates a video that highlights only the relevant schools and institutions near the specific property.

The video is automatically generated, but all voice overs are pre-recorded with a unique text for each institution/school. Fliva will initially create a custom graphic template for each real estate chain – and after that, everything is automated.

And again, the agent won’t have to lift a finger to create this video.

Area Video with schools and institutions (Australia)

Points of Interest video – automatically tailormade to the property

Which sorts of transportation can be accessed near the property? How far to the nearest sports facilities? Where can I shop my groceries on my way back home from work?

Well…let the Point of Interest video show you. It shows various points of interest in the area of the specific property.

Points of Interest can be cultural sites, nature, sports, transportation and grocery stores near the property.

There is a small initial assignment for the agents in order to create the Points of Interest. A few lines of description text is needed for each point of interest in their local market. This is easily done in the Fliva Points of Interest tool. The database of point of interest description texts is then recorded by professional voice talents, and will be used in the automatically generated videos.

The agent has to put a little effort in this, but this is a one-time job, and it will benefit all future potential buyers in the local market.

Area video with points of interests (Australia)

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