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We have developed a strong video creation platform, a solid business plan and we are really great at every practical aspect of planning, producing, hosting and distributing video content.

Now we are looking for creative partners to help us develop high quality video designs and set up mutually beneficial reseller programme.

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Low Cost

Automated video production based on custom templates with variables enables real economies of scale. Additionally, our video engine exploits existing content for creating dynamic video content.

We can help your competitiveness as well as your profits.

Unlimited Video Variants

The Fliva video creation platform enables you to insert variables at anytime, anywhere and of anything in the custom template.

This combined with the ability to create unlimited custom templates makes the possibilities for video variants indefinite.

Personalized Content

Modern consumers demand immediate and relevant content according to their needs in the moment. Programmatic advertising enables specific targeting and our automated video production enables you to get all the video content you need to meet the needs and demands of the individual consumer.


Templates sound like constrictions to creatives – we want to change that. We honor creative freedom by offering an Adobe After Effects converter, enabling any designer to use this preferred tool to create unique designs, which we can then implement in a custom template. The creatives wont even feel the change.

Have You Heard? Micro-Moments is the Word

Chances are that you have and know the importance of this new consumer behaviour.

However, here is how we see it.

Micro Moments is a smartphone driven consumer behaviour, characterized by a fragmented and spontaneous consumer journey multiplying the potential customer touch points into the indefinite. It’s the culmination of the movement towards providing real value to the customers. Not only because they appreciate it, but because they demand it.

For marketers this means figuring out how to be anywhere, anytime and providing real value regarding anything within ones industry. These are the terms of the modern marketer.

Marketing terms like programmatic advertising, omni channel and big data, enables marketers to deliver content to a highly specific target audience based on behaviour analysis.

However, this is only part of the solution as these technologies are nothing without the right content, which brings us to the dilemma. How do you produce the amounts of content variations needed for maximum impact in programmatic advertising without breaking the bank?

The answer depends on the context, but it’s definitely in the intersection between automation, customization, content variables, real time rendering and revamping of existing material to adapt messages.

This is the foundation on which the Fliva video engine is built.



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We are open to suggestions, so let’s get in touch and start talking business.

Fliva is a part of Danish company, Arnsbo Media, that creates innovative growth companies by developing scalable and automized tech, marketing and media solutions.

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