What is Fliva?

A video creation, hosting and distribution service, that produces unlimited video variants based on custom video-templates with variables

Creating. Hosting. Distributing. Video

Fliva is a video creation, hosting and distribution service, producing unlimited video variants based on custom templates with variables.

We have built our video production platform and service to accommodate marketers needs in the micro moments market place, where customers expect instant and relevant information at any time.

By combining existing content in custom templates with variables, we are able to produce large quantities of video to fit every video micro moment, giving you the economies of scale benefit to ensure low costs.

Our Adobe After Effects converter gives you or your agency creative freedom to create exactly the video template you need. The automatized video production process enables us to create unlimited variants of the same video optimized for various platforms and/or target audiences, without large extra costs.

Your only job is to tell us what you need, and then we’ll take care of the rest. We want Fliva to be the simplest and best priced answer to your video needs.

The Best of Two Video Companies

Fliva is a merger of video production companies, Arnsbo Property Media and Fliva.


Arnsbo Property Media was founded in 2011 in Aarhus by Soren Arnsbo and Carsten Hjorth Pedersen (both owners of Arnsbo Media) and operated as producers of large quantities of real estate videos, such as property videos, area videos, agent videos etc.

Arnsbo Property Media has developed a genuine video production platform that automizes most of the process involved in video production for real estate.

Thousands of videos are produced on the Arnsbo Property Media platform each month.


The original video brand Fliva was founded in 2014 as a joint venture by Firtal Tech and Arnsbo Media. Fliva was back then intended to let users create their own videos in the worlds easiest video builder, while at the same time letting users create multiple variants and versions of the same video.

The Video ad builder tool was launched at TechCrunch Disrupt 2014 in San Francisco, and the interest in the product was overwhelming.

Arnsbo Media bought Firtal Tech’s shares in Fliva in December 2015, and decided to merge the older video brand Arnsbo Property Media with Fliva, thereby having only one video brand with the best team, tools and synergies from both companies.

Fliva is a part of Danish company, Arnsbo Media, that creates innovative growth companies by developing scalable and automized tech, marketing and media solutions.

The Fliva Team

Carsten Hjorth Pedersen
CEO, co-founder
General Management & Sales
Carsten Hjorth PedersenCEO, co-founder

General Management & Sales

Soren Arnsbo
CIO, Co-founder
Products & Strategy  
Soren ArnsboCIO, Co-founder

Products & Strategy


Claus Witt
CTO, Partner
Claus WittCTO, Partner


Ann Filtenborg Pedersen
Head of Production
Ann Filtenborg PedersenHead of Production
Mathias Jakobsen
Mathias JakobsenDeveloper
Trine Pilgaard Christoffersen
Project Manager
Trine Pilgaard ChristoffersenProject Manager

The Production Team

Alexander Stengård
Media Operator
Alexander StengårdMedia Operator
Anders Petersen
Media Operator
Anders PetersenMedia Operator
Astrid Andersen
Media Operator
Astrid AndersenMedia Operator
Claus Maack Andersen
Media Operator
Claus Maack AndersenMedia Operator
Frederik Møller Hjortebjerg
Media Operator
Frederik Møller HjortebjergMedia Operator
Frederik Sandholt
Media Operator
Frederik SandholtMedia Operator
Ida Worm Bech
Media Operator
Ida Worm BechMedia Operator
Johanne Toftelund Jensen
Media Operator
Johanne Toftelund JensenMedia Operator
Katrine Korsgaard Jensen
Media Operator
Katrine Korsgaard JensenMedia Operator
Maja Selch
Media Operator
Maja SelchMedia Operator
Malthe Johansen
Media Operator
Malthe JohansenMedia Operator
Maria Louise Thomsen
Media Operator
Maria Louise ThomsenMedia Operator
Marianne Aagaard
Media Operator
Marianne AagaardMedia Operator
Mikkel Petersen
Media Operator
Mikkel PetersenMedia Operator
Morten Højgaard
Media Operator
Morten HøjgaardMedia Operator
Nikolaj S. Pedersen
Media Operator
Nikolaj S. PedersenMedia Operator
Sarah Drewsen
Media Operator
Sarah DrewsenMedia Operator
Steffen Højfeldt Rasmussen
Media Operator
Steffen Højfeldt RasmussenMedia Operator
Stine Olsen
Media Operator
Stine OlsenMedia Operator
Vicki Pedersen
Media Operator
Vicki PedersenMedia Operator

Engage Your Customers in the Right Moment

Your opportunities to connect with your customers have rocketed with the introduction of new technologies like the Smartphone – but how do you get maximum benefit from these new opportunities?

According to Google, the answer is found in the Smartphone-driven consumer behavior they have coined Micro Moments. A micro moment occurs whenever a person turns to a device to take immediate action on a need or want in that particular point in time.

The primary point to marketers is the fact that consumers are now loyal to their needs rather than to brands – the brand that delivers the best solution to the need in the right moment is most likely to get the sale.

To excel in the Micro Moments market place, Google urges marketers to focus on three key areas:

Be there

90% of smartphone users haven’t decided on a brand when they start an online search to satisfy a need in a micro moment. Their loyalty to needs rather than brands calls for marketer commitment to be available exactly when and where a potential customer is looking to satisfy a need which is relevant to your industry.

Be Useful

One thing is showing up – but you need to bring something to the party as well. 73% of consumers asked by Google stated that getting relevant information from an ad is the most important factor when choosing a brand.

Be Quick

Make sure your content is easily available to your customers. 40% of smartphone users are in a hurry while looking for information. Time is of the essence people!

There are four video micro-moments where you need to ‘be there’

Video has gone from prime-time to all-the-time, and you need to be there to catch your customers in the micro moments.



The moments when you wish to feed your interests and passions with the purpose of being entertained and inspired.



The moments when a person is looking for knowledge through online research. It’s about exploration and learning. 70% of millennials believe they can learn anything on Youtube.



The moment a person looks for instruction to perform a given action e.g. How-to videos.



The moments when a persons want to decide what and how to purchase. 82% of smartphone users look for additional information to make the purchase decision while in the store.