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We combine your existing content in custom templates to create unlimited variants of videos.

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Seize Every Video Moment

Video is quickly becoming the preferred media for Internet users to obtain information in all kinds of contexts – including purchase decisions. We make sure that you’re there with relevant video content.

Custom Video Templates

Our advanced Adobe After Effects converter gives you creative freedom to design the perfect custom video template.

Personalized Content

Programmatic advertising is the present and the future. We enable you create personalized video content based on your customer data.

Powerful Video Engine

The Fliva Video Engine effortlessly combines your existing images, texts and film with your custom video template to create up-to-date video content. It can even render HD video in real time.

Economies of Scale

By utilizing existing materials to create new video content in an automated production process, we can offer you a real economies of scale benefit and deliver high quality videos at low costs.

Ready to Use

Your videos are delivered in the right format and quality to serve the planned purpose. Just let us know what you need and we’ll make it happen.

Professional Voice Recordings

With more than 1500 professional voice talents in our database, we can provide voice-overs that match every mood and purpose. All voice talents are native in the language they offer to ensure the highest quality possible.

How Does It Work

We want Fliva to be the simplest and best priced answer to your video needs.

To meet this goal, we want you to worry about nothing else than what you need. How we make your videos is less important.

However, we also really enjoy what we do.. And we enjoy telling other people about it – so here we go:



First, we pull your content and information

The first step is to cover your video needs and map the content you have available for us to tap into.

On this basis, we will assist you in creating the perfect video template to support video production of scale.

We believe in creative freedom and have therefore developed an advanced Adobe After Effects converter, which equip you to create 100% unique video templates.

Secondly, We Set Up an Automatic Video Production For You

When the production plan is ready and aligned and the template is designed, we will take over the entire production of your videos.

We will set up an automated video production process according to your needs, which means that you will not have to spent another moment worrying about video – we got it covered.

Finally, We Deliver Video Variants To Your Audience

We save you time and increase efficiency by hosting and distributing the video content.

Every video is delivered including the necessary rights to serve your video distribution plan.

Media Appearances



Nordic Startup Bits




Client case: Video solution for real estate chain


In 2011, leading Danish real estate chain, home a/s, launched a nationwide video concept powered by Fliva.

By matching existing property sales text, photos and floor plans, Fliva set up an automated production process converting static content into dynamic property video with professional voice over and smooth background music offering visitors a captivating, inspiring and shareable experience.

Furthermore Fliva created two types of area videos. One video highlighting daycare, schools and institutions near the property, and another one showing various points of interest in the neighborhood such as culture, nature, sports, transportation and grocery stores.

Since then Fliva has produced more than 200.000 property and area videos for home, which has turned into millions of brand engagement minutes in videos with 89% average view through rates and a solid differentiator for home, offering video products in a competitive market.

 “A crucial aspect is the fact that we didn’t have to change our tech setup. All system integration and customization of API was done on Fliva’s part leaving home a/s unaffected.

Bottom line: none of our agents have had to change their routines or get used to new system interfaces – it has truly been a smooth transition.”

Mads Ellegaard, head of relations, home A/S

Example of home a/s property video (in Danish)

Example of home a/s area video (in Danish)

Let Us Help You Cover Your Video Needs

Engage Your Customers in the Right Moment

Your opportunities to connect with your customers have rocketed with the introduction of new technologies like the Smartphone – but how to do get maximum benefit from these new opportunities?

According to Google, the answer is found in the Smartphone-driven consumer behavior they have coined Micro Moments. A micro moment occurs whenever a person turns to a device to take immediate action on a need or want in that particular point of time.

The primary point to marketers is the fact that consumers are now loyal to needs over brands – the brand that delivers the best solution to the need in the right moment is most likely to get the sale.

To excel in the Micro Moments market place, Google urges marketers to focus on three key areas:

Be there

90% of smartphone users haven’t decided on a brand when they start an online search to satisfy a need in a micro moment. Their loyalty to needs rather than brands calls for marketer commitment to be available exactly when and where a potential is looking to satisfy need relevant to your industry.

Be Useful

One thing is showing up – but you need to bring something to the party as well. 73% of consumers asked by Google stated that getting relevant information from an advertising is the most important factor when choosing a brand.

Be Quick

Make sure your content is easily available to your customers. 40% of smartphone users are in a hurry while looking for information. Time is of the essence people!

There are four video micro-moments you need to ‘be there.’

Video has gone from prime-time to all-the-time, and you need to be there to catch your customers in the micro moments.



The moments when you wish to feed your interests and passions with the purpose of being entertained and inspired.



The moments when a person is looking for knowledge through online research. It’s about exploration and learning. 70% of millennials believe they can learn anything on Youtube.



The moment a person looks for instruction to person a given actions e.g. How-to videos.



The moments when a persons want to decide what and how to purchase. 82% of smartphone users look for additional information to make the purchase decision while in the store.