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We combine your existing content in custom templates to create unlimited variants of videos.

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Variants by Variables

To mass produce a specific type of video content, we build a unique video template for you. The template includes a set of pre-defined variables i.e. the elements that change from video to video.

The number of variables and their purpose are defined by the type of video; the data you have available; and what you want to achieve. The possibilities are endless.


Popular Variables

PRODUCT – ex. Change product images, videos, texts and prices

LOCATION – ex. Localize the sender of the message e.g. local stores

RECIPIENT – ex. Personalize the message by name and customer info

LANGUAGE – ex. Translate the video into any language

We Work in 3 Simple Steps

We want Fliva to be the simplest and best priced answer to your video needs.

To meet this goal, we have optimized our production process to enable efficient high volume video production.

First, we pull your content and information

The first step is to cover your video needs and map the content you have available for us to tap into.

This will enable us to set up the right production process for your needs and easily grab and structure your content.

Secondly, We Tailor Your Video Template

We will assist you in creating the perfect video template to support video production of scale.

We believe in creative freedom and so we have developed an advanced Adobe After Effects converter, which makes you able to create 100% unique video templates.

Thirdly, We Set Up an Automatic Video Production For You

When the production plan is ready and aligned and the template is designed, we will take over the entire production of your videos.

We will set up an automated video production process according to your needs, which means that you will not have to spend another moment worrying about video – we got it covered.

Finally, We Deliver Video Variants To Your Audience

We save you time and increase efficiency by hosting and distributing the video content.

Every video is delivered including the necessary rights to serve your video distribution plan.

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Nordic Startup Bits




Client case: Video solution for real estate chain


In 2011, leading Danish real estate chain, home a/s, launched a nationwide video concept powered by Fliva.

By matching existing property sales text, photos and floor plans, Fliva set up an automated production process converting static content into dynamic property video with professional voice over and smooth background music offering visitors a captivating, inspiring and shareable experience.

Furthermore Fliva created two types of area videos. One video highlighting daycare, schools and institutions near the property, and another one showing various points of interest in the neighborhood such as culture, nature, sports, transportation and grocery stores.

Since then Fliva has produced more than 200.000 property and area videos for home, which has turned into millions of brand engagement minutes in videos with 89% average view through rates and a solid differentiator for home, offering video products in a competitive market.

 “A crucial aspect is the fact that we didn’t have to change our tech setup. All system integration and customization of API was done on Fliva’s part leaving home a/s unaffected.

Bottom line: none of our agents have had to change their routines or get used to new system interfaces – it has truly been a smooth transition.”

Mads Ellegaard, head of relations, home A/S

Example of home a/s property video (in Danish)

Example of home a/s area video (in Danish)

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Low Cost

Automated video production based on custom templates with variables enables real economies of scale. Additionally, our video engine exploits existing content for creating dynamic video content.

We can help your competitiveness as well as your profits.

Unlimited Video Variants

The Fliva video creation platform enables you to insert variables at anytime, anywhere and of anything in the custom template.

This combined with the ability to create unlimited custom templates makes the possibilities for video variants indefinite.

Personalized Content

Modern consumers demand immediate and relevant content according to their needs in the moment. Programmatic advertising enables specific targeting and our automated video production enables you to get all the video content you need to meet the needs and demands of the individual consumer.


Templates sound like constrictions to creatives – we want to change that. We honor creative freedom by offering an Adobe After Effects converter, enabling any designer to use this preferred tool to create unique designs, which we can then implement in a custom template. The creatives wont even feel the change.

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